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"Resources" Web Sites for Families and Individuals with Limited Incomes

Incorporated in the year 2000, Community Resources Information, Inc. (CRI) is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501 c (3) charitable organization. Our mission is to develop Internet web sites which provide comprehensive information on federal, state, and local resources relevant to the needs of individuals and families with limited income.

sample resources web site pagesWe created and operate a statewide web site for Massachusetts (MassResources.org). The vast majority of visitors to this web site are the consumers of benefits, services, and programs described on the site. Service providers are also an important audience and help to promote use of the web site by consumers. 

With over 600 pages of content and a suite of on-line "eligibility checks," MassResources.org is a remarkably sophisticated and comprehensive web site and stands apart in its approach to explaining important federal and state assistance programs. Our “resources” web site can provide an important complement to other existing web sites, such as those that list local service provider agencies.

For further information on licensing a web site from CRI, see Licensing.

Independent and Reputable Source of Information

A compelling case can be made regarding the need for “resources” web sites that describe and explain how to access important federal, state, and local benefits/programs. A “resources” web site can quickly become an important central repository of information on programs of assistance and other resources relevant to the needs of persons with low and moderate-income.

CRI believes it is important that “resources” web sites be developed and maintained in the non-profit sector, independent of government or corporate influence, so as to best serve and protect the interests of individuals and families who are struggling to meet basic needs.

Fostering Empowerment and Productivity

Our intent is to make the process of finding out about and obtaining forms of assistance much easier and more coherent than is now the case in most locales. By using the web site to find out about available programs and whether or not they are eligible, consumers of services are then better able to act for themselves and be less dependent on the limited number of people in a particular area with expertise on benefits and programs.

Such a web site also helps service providers and case managers become much more productive and effective in their work assisting their clients in obtaining needed resources as they can easily find up-to-date information in one place.